CFPB requests en banc rehearing in PHH case

Last week, as expected, the CFPB filed a petition requesting another hearing of the case by the full court, or en banc. In the petition, the bureau claims the panel’s ruling “set up what may be the most important separation-of-powers case in a generation.”

CFPB sues over lead-poisoning settlements

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a complaint in federal district court against Access Funding, LLC, for deceiving victims of lead-paint poisoning into signing away future settlement payments in exchange for a significantly lower lump-sum payout.

CFPB proposes rule to streamline consumer data sharing

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched a public inquiry into the growing array of services that share consumer data, many of which use bank and credit-card account records to offer low-cost mortgage and consumer loans, as well as tax-preparation tools.

New CFPB report finds troubles with student loans

Student loan borrowers are paying more than $125 million in unnecessary interest charges annually, and more than 8 million borrowers have gone 12 months or more without making any sort of payment, according to the latest ombudsman’s report.

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