Mortgage servicing and compliance management problems

In its latest Supervisory Highlights report, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focused on mortgage servicing problems, although it also noted that many nonbanks which fall under CFPB supervision are “more likely to lack robust compliance management systems.”

As community banks leave mortgage market, former CFPB official prepares to benefit

The ex-CFPB Deputy Director Raj Date has attracted criticism for creating a mortgage company which competes in nonqualified mortgages, a category of loan he helped create at the CFPB. While Date’s conduct has its critics and defenders, one thing is certain. Community banks have been pushed out of the mortgage business by the rules Date helped write, and Date’s company now plans to soak up the extra loans.

Private student loan complaints 2012-2013

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently released a mid-year update to its analysis of private student loan complaints, which it began collecting in March 2012.

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