Trade groups sue CFPB for reducing late fee charges

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a finalized rule on March 5 that caps consumer credit card fees at $8 per incident. In response, some trade groups filed a federal lawsuit two days later seeking a preliminary injunction against the rule. 

CFPB: Comparison-shopping tools must be objective

Companies operating comparison-shopping tools can violate the law by sending consumers to certain products or lenders because of kickbacks, according to a Feb. 29 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau circular to law enforcement agencies and regulators.

CFPB, state AGs sue debt relief company

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and seven state attorneys general sued New York-based debt relief services company Strategic Financial Solutions for allegedly running an illegal debt-relief enterprise

CFPB proposes changes to bank overdraft fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking to overhaul how banks and credit unions with more than $10 billion in assets determine overdraft expenses. The proposal, announced Jan. 17, includes two ways for banks and credit unions to determine costs. The CFPB also proposed banning the mandatory use of preauthorized electronic fund transfers to repay transactions paid into overdrafts by institutions that charge overdraft fees higher than a designated threshold.

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