CFPB argues civil liberties irrelevant to PHH case

In its brief, the CFPB argues that under binding precedent, the only relevant question to determining the constitutionality of an agency's structure is whether or not that structure is “of such a nature that it will impede the President’s ability to perform his constitutional take care that the laws are faithfully executed" (emphasis in the original).

Published April 2017

As community banks leave mortgage market, former CFPB official prepares to benefit

The ex-CFPB Deputy Director Raj Date has attracted criticism for creating a mortgage company which competes in nonqualified mortgages, a category of loan he helped create at the CFPB. While Date’s conduct has its critics and defenders, one thing is certain. Community banks have been pushed out of the mortgage business by the rules Date helped write, and Date’s company now plans to soak up the extra loans.

Published August 2013

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